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Belt A/H-3000 Harvest Belts. Type: classical V-belt A cross-section. References: #545689, #340433198, #636034M1, #1003332, #0300225. Suitable for harvest combines Claas (Dominator, Lexion, Medion, Mega). Aftermarket spare part.

Country of origin
Designation of manufacturer:


Designation according to standards:
  • A13x3030 (ISO4184, DIN2215);
  • A118 (RMA/MTPA IP-20);
  • A-3030 (GOST 1284-80);
  • HA120 (ASAE S211.4, inches designation);
  • 13F3048 (ASAE 211.4, metric designation)

Rubber cloth product in the form of an endless belt of classic A-profile of a standard section 13x8 mm, consisting of a rubber base reinforced with cloth cord, made depending on the method of the execution of polyester, aramid or kevlar threads.


Harvest Belts performance.
High-quality drive belts of the famous Polish company Stomil, designed specifically for use in agricultural technology.

Weight, W

0.39 kg

Inside length, Li

2970 mm

Datum length, Lw

3000 mm

Outside length, La

3020 mm

Top width, Tw

13 mm

Top hight, Th

8 mm

Outside length, La

119 inch

Inside length, Li

117.1 inch

Datum length, Lw

118.1 inch

Profile type


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