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Belt B/H-2515 Harvest Belts. Type: classical V-belt B cross-section. References: #066034, #545652M1, #6256546, #826731R1, #1901188. Suitable for harvest combines Claas, Deutz Fahr, Laverda, Massey Ferguson. Aftermarket spare part.

Country of origin
Designation of manufacturer:


Designation according to standards:
  • B17x2500 (ISO4184, DIN2215);
  • B097 (RMA/MTPA IP-20);
  • B-2500 (GOST 1284-80);
  • HB100 (ASAE S211.4, inches designation);
  • 16F2540 (ASAE 211.4, metric designation)

Rubber cloth product in the form of an endless belt of classic B-profile of a standard section 17x11 mm, consisting of a rubber base reinforced with cloth cord, made depending on the method of the execution of polyester, aramid or kevlar threads.


Harvest Belts performance.
High-quality drive belts of the famous Polish company Stomil, designed specifically for use in agricultural technology.

Weight, W

0.503 kg

Weight in pounds, W

1.1089 lb

Inside length, Li

2471 mm

Datum length, Lw

2515 mm

Outside length, La

2541 mm

Top width, Tw

17 mm

Top hight, Th

11 mm

Width, Wb

0.6693 inch

Top width, Tw

0.6693 inch

Outside length, La

100.0394 inch

Inside length, Li

97.2835 inch

Datum length, Lw

99.0157 inch

Top hight, Th

0.4331 inch

Profile type


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