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Bearing 2007122A SPZ, Samara, Russian Federation. Type - tapered roller. Single row. Separable. Metric dimensions (dxDxT): 110x170x38 mm. Corresponds to the soviet and CIS bearing designation 2007122 GOST 27365-87.

Country of origin
Russian Federation
Manufacturer designation:


Designation via standards:

32022 DIN 720;
2007122 GOST 27365-87, formerly GOST 333-79


The bearing consists of two rings (inner and outer) and rolling elements (tapered rollers) which are connected by a cage. The inner ring with a cage and rolling elements is a CONE. The outer ring is a CUP.
The design of tapered roller bearings suites for the perception of combined (radial and axial) loads. Tapered roller bearings have a split construction: the inner ring with the rollers and separator create the unit, that can be mounted separately from the outer ring.


Metric dimensions

Weight, W

3.05 kg

Inner diameter, d

110 mm

Outer diameter, D

170 mm

Total width, T

38 mm

Cage width, C

29 mm

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