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Bearing 42212 GOST 8338-75 GPZ-10 Rostov, Russian Federation. Type - cylindrical roller with one flanged inner ring. Dimensions: 60x110x22 mm. Corresponds to the bearing NJ212 DIN 5412-1.

GPZ-10 Rostov
Country of origin
Russian Federation

NJ212 (DIN 5412-1);
42212 (GOST 8328-75, USSR).


The cylindrical roller bearing consists of two rings (internal and external) and rolling elements (cylindrically-shaped rollers), connected with a cage - separator.


- with one flanged inner ring
- two protection flanges on outer ring

Advantages and restrictions:

Due to the greater contact area of the roller relatively to the ball - roller bearings provide approximately two times greater static and dynamic loads. This is their main advantage. The main limitation of roller bearings is their inability to withstand axial loads. Since only the lateral surface of the roller is a working part, such bearings can withstand only radial loads.

Weight, W

0.89 kg

Inner diameter, d

60 mm

Outer diameter, D

110 mm

Total width, T

22 mm

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