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Bearing 943/25К GOST 4060-78 GPZ. Type - draw cup needle roller bearing with open end. Dimensions (FxDxC): 25x32x26 mm. Corresponds to the international bearing designation HK2526.

Country of origin
Russian Federation
Manufacturer designation:



HK2526 DIN 618; ISO 3245
I-943/25K GOST 4060-78


The drawn cup needle bearing consists of one row of long rollers (needles) connected with a cage separator.
The bearing has outer ring only.


This bearing is used for passing a radial load (along the radius) in harvester combines rotating shafts.

Weight, W

0.045 kg

Inner diameter, d

25 mm

Outer diameter, D

32 mm

Total width, T

26 mm

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