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Simplex steel roller chain 06B-1 ISO 606 Steel, Ukraine. BR standard. Pitch - 9.525 mm. Interchange - 06B-1 BS228 , DIN8187 and soviet/CIS - ПР-9,525-9,1 GOST13568. Price per meter .

Country of origin
Thickness, S

1.3 mm

Pitch, p

9.525 mm

Weight per meter, W/m

0.41 kg

Finger diameter, dp

3.28 mm

Height, H

8.2 mm

Distance between Inner Plates, b1

5.72 mm

Roller diameter, d1

6.35 mm

Chain Pitch ISO 487, P

3/8 inch

Finger lenght, Lf

13.15 mm

Chain packaging , mm


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