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Roller chain 08B-1 p-12,7-1820-2. Type - single row roller chain. Step - 12.7 mm. Possible substitutes - BS228, DIN8187 and 08B-1 ISO 606. Price pere 1 m.

Country of origin

roller chain is intended for power mechanical gears in agricultural machines and mechanisms, including harvest and forage combines, tractors, headers, balers, etc


The chain is formed by the interconnecting internal and external links, which, when forming a closed circuit, make it possible to transfer the torque between the parallel shafts.

Thickness, S

1.6 mm

Pitch, p

12.7 mm

Weight per meter, W/m

1.6 kg

Finger diameter, dp

4.45 mm

Height, H

11.8 mm

Distance between Inner Plates, b1

7.75 mm

Roller diameter, d1

8.51 mm

Chain Pitch ISO 487, P

1/2 inch

Finger lenght, Lf

16.7 mm

Sales unit

1 meter

Quantity in the package

1 meter

Chain packaging , mm


Reviews of PR-12.7-1820-2 GOST 13568-97 [CPR] Simplex steel roller chain (pitch= 12.7mm)

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