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Seal (shaft seal) for mowing machine Claas (Corto, Disco), balers Claas (Quadrant, Quatrum), tractors and combines Claas (Lexion, Jaguar). Size 80x40x10 mm. ОЕМ numbers: 213411, 213411.0, 0002134110.

Country of origin

Spare part of the gearbox for Claas agricultural machinery.


Prevents leakage of lubricant inside and protects the penetration of harmful impurities.
Used to replace worn or damaged parts during repair and restoration work.


A movable contact-type seal, the main element of which is an elastic sleeve. A rubber product in the form of a ring mounted in a housing, the seal of which is pressed by a bracelet spring to the shaft surface, ensuring the tightness of the connection.

Inner diameter, d

40 mm

Outer diameter, D

80 mm

Height, H

10 mm


TC - twin lip, spring loaded, rubber cover

Sales unit

1 piece

Quantity in the package

1 piece

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