Belt 325-5M OMEGA Optibelt. Type: toothed (synchronous) profile 5M belt. Belt width - 12mm.

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  1. 1. Chloroprene rubber backing.
  2. 2. Fibreglass tensile cord.
  3. 3. Chloroprene rubber teeth.
  4. 4. Nylon fabric.

OMEGA belts' curvilinear tooth design improves stress distribution to provide high horsepower ratings over a wide speed range and high torque transmission at low speeds.

  • The rounded tooth profile meshes precisely with matching pulley grooves so there is no belt creep or slip to cause speed variation.
  • OMEGA belt drives are 99% efficient, leading to significant energy savings on high horsepower applications.
  • OMEGA belts are thin and flexible so they do not generate heat build up, delivering long service life.
  • Continuous, helically-wound S and Z oriented fiberglass cord is the load-carrying muscle of the belt, resisting elongation and shock loads while providing excellent strength and service life.


Datum length, Lw

325 mm

Top hight, Th

3.4 mm

Number of teeth, Z


Width, B

12 mm



Profile type


Tooth pitch, P

5 mm

Tooth height, h

1.9 mm

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