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V-belt of profile A(13)x1300Lw Stomil Standard based on chloroprene rubber for works in drives of machines, generators, industrial equipment, agricultural and construction equipment, other equipment.

Country of origin
Designation of manufacturer:


Designation according to standards:
  • A13x1300 (ISO4184, DIN2215);
  • A (RMA/MTPA IP-20);
  • A-1300 (ГОСТ 1284-89)

Rubber-fabric product in the form of an endless V-belt, consisting of a rubber base reinforced with a fabric cord.
High-quality general purpose drive belt.

  • high temperature resistance ranging from -30°С to +70°С;
  • high oil wear resistance;
  • antistatic;
  • maximum linear speed of 30 m/s;
  • minimum pulley diameter mm
  • performance - Standard;
  • marking color — green
Weight, W

0.143 kg

Inside length, Li

1270 mm

Datum length, Lw

1300 mm

Outside length, La

1320 mm

Top width, Tw

13 mm

Top hight, Th

8 mm

Inside length, Li

50 inch

Profile type


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