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Bearing 102314 GOST 8338-75 GPZ-10 Rostov, Russian Federation. Type - cylindrical roller with flangeless outer ring and with two snap ring. Dimensions: 70x150x35 mm.

GPZ-10 Rostov
Country of origin
Russian Federation
Designation via soviet standard GOST 8328-75::


Alternative interchange designation:



The cylindrical roller bearing consists of two rings (internal and external) and rolling elements (cylindrically-shaped rollers), connected with a cage - separator.
This type of bearings has flangeless on both side of outer ring and two snap ring. It use in soviet automotive, construction mashines and tractors only.

Weight, W

2.75 kg

Inner diameter, d

70 mm

Outer diameter, D

150 mm

Total width, T

35 mm

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