Needle roller bearing 264706E GPZ-10. Fits russian lorries and tracks KamAZ, ZIL, GAZ.

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Country of origin
Russian Federation

Russian trucks and lorries gearbox:

GAZ-3306, GAZ-3308, GAZ-3309, GAZ-3403, GAZ-33104 Valdaj;

KamAZ-5320, KamAZ-53212, KamAZ-54112, KamAZ-5511, KamAZ-55102, KamAZ-65115, KamAZ-6540, KamAZ-43118;

ZIL-130, ZIL-431410      


Weight, W

0.144 kg

Inner diameter, d

29.96 mm

Outer diameter, D

43.98 mm

Total width, T

33 mm

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