Rod End GALS 12x1,25 Fluro, Germany. Series K. Built-in spherical bearing with sliding surface: steel on bronze (CuSn8). Requires lubrication through a nipple mounted in the housing. Dimensions (dxDxL): 12x32x70 mm. External left`s thread M12x1,25.

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GALS 12x1,25


The articulated head is a plain bearing housed in a housing with a stem for mounting. The rod of the articulating head is attached with an external left`s thread.


Series K. 
External thread.
It is used in places that require high revolutions.
It requires maintenance and lubrication, which is carried out through the oiler in the housing.
CuSn8 - is a solid solution of a hardened copper (bronze) alloy with 8% tin. The high tin content provides high strength and good spring properties. The alloy is wear-resistant, has very good corrosion resistance and a low coefficient of friction.


Weight, W

0.087 kg

Inner diameter, d

12 mm

Outer diameter, D

32 mm

Total width, T

16 mm

Cage width, C

12 mm

Length, L

70 mm

Thread, M


Length screw thread, Lc

32 mm

Inner cage width in mm, B

16 mm

Static load, C0

23,5 kN

Dynamic load, C

13,5 kN

Maximum Pivoting Angle, a

13 °

Friction couple, SP


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